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Price Drop & More virtual servers

Jake Gold — November 13, 2012

Now that we're fully launched and starting to scale up our capacity, we're announcing a huge price drop on all hardware profiles, effective immediately.

At Uptano, our mission is to offer the flexibility of virtual servers, the performance of dedicated servers, and the pricing of co-located servers.

We've fully delivered on the first two, and our pricing was already excellent. But as of today, we're bringing our prices firmly into the territory of ridiculously awesome. We've also increased limits on the number of virtual servers you can run per machine!

Check out the new hardware profiles and pricing:

* Standard Medium
- 8 GB RAM / 4 CPU cores / 120 GB 10K RPM HDD RAID1 / Up to 4 8 Virtual servers
- Was $136/mo -- now $86/mo!

* Standard Medium SSD
- 8 GB RAM / 4 CPU cores / 100 GB SSD RAID1 / Up to 4 8 Virtual servers
- Was $172/mo -- now $108/mo!

* Standard Large
- 16 GB RAM / 8 CPU cores / 250 GB 10K RPM HDD RAID1 / Up to 6 10 Virtual servers
- Was $244/mo -- now $165/mo!

This is better than long-term pricing anywhere, without the long-term commitment!

And, as always:

* Instant deployment
* 100% dedicated hardware
* RAID1 mirrored drives
* Your own private LAN
* Solid State Drives
* Redundant 1 Gbps connections
* Awesome on-demand pricing
* No setup fees — no contracts

Current Uptano user? Your bill just got significantly cheaper, automatically.

Not on board yet? Just go sign up. It takes about 30 seconds.